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Encore Financial Group Limited

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Our Story

Encore Financial Group, Ltd. is a Canadian financial services firm that provides advice to corporate and institutional clients on managing risks associated with alternative investments, interest rates, foreign exchange, derivatives, economic conditions and capital markets (stocks, bonds and funds).

We work as an adviser with clients providing unbiased insights as we DO NOT sell any products to them. Our value-added is pure and straight-forward advice with no bias for product positioning

We provide risk management advice to banks, pension funds and family offices for their mainstream and alternative investment portfolios.

We also provide investment strategy advice to financial advisors in the areas of asset allocation, security selection and geopolitical & economic outlook


With unparalleled skills, experience, no products to sell and unbiased insights, we are well positioned to work for our clients' best interest.

In addition, we  publish articles and present economic outlook reports to provide insights to our clients so they can make well-informed decisions.

Who We Are

We are a Mississauga, Ontario based team of capital markets professionals focusing on one objective: Providing focused and current markets insights to corporate treasurers, CFOs, CEOs and owners of SMBs and family offices in Canada

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: "Our clients get current, unbiased and professional access to information and advice on capital markets, to make well-informed decisions" 

About Us




Risk Management

We provide risk management advice to banks, pension funds and family offices for their mainstream and alternative investment portfolios.

We validate, develop and implement  risk management methodologies across private & listed equity, fixed income, derivatives,  hedge funds, currencies and commodities. 

Interest Rates Advisory

Interest rates are a major factor that impact corporate CEOs', CFOs' and owners' decisions. They determine the borrowing costs, pricing of contracts, buying power of the end customer and the overall economic activity.


Our role is to understand clients' borrowing requirements and the impact of interest rates on their profitability, margins and business model.

What We Offer



We provide strategic insights to clients related to currencies with a particular focus on Canadian dollar.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of our clients' foreign exchange hedging requirements by looking at their needs for US dollar and other currencies for their imports or available foreign currencies from their export revenues.

Based on our clients' needs and market dynamics we create FX hedging strategies for our clients and help them implement those.

Hedging Strategies

As a final step we devise FX and interest rate hedging strategies and solutions for our clients.

We help our clients implement those strategies that are rather best suited to their needs and NOT for the banks and brokers to finance the bonuses and commissions of their sales teams.

We devise risk hedging strategies based on our independent and unbiased opinion because unlike banks and brokers we DO NOT sell ANY products to our clients.

Investment Strategy Consulting

Financial Advisors are busy professionals helping their clients manage and achieve their financial goals. 

We work with advisers in developing and monitoring their model portfolios, asset allocation views, security selection process and geopolitical & economic outlook. 

Our edge? Independent and unbiased advice - with NO products to sell.



Global Experience

As a team we have over 100 years of global team experience in capital markets across Canada, Europe and Asia with all major asset classes - Forex, interest rates, commodities, derivatives, stocks, bonds and alternative investments

Solid Product Knowledge 

As a team we have devised financial risk management  and hedging solutions for institutions, family offices and large & SMB companies in the following sectors: financial services, oil & gas, automotive, international trading, petrochemicals, technology and other sectors

Unbiased Opinion

Encore Financial Group will NEVER sell you a financial product or instrument, period.


We are NOT in the business of selling financial products. Rather our business is to provide pure, unbiased and independent advice on managing financial risks associated with capital markets - alternative investments, FX, interest rates, derivatives, stocks, bonds & funds.

Unlike banks and financial brokers, our judgement and advice is NEVER compromised or influenced by the profit motive nor do we have any pressures for meeting analysts' quarterly earnings estimates - i.e., no pressure to sell! 

Why Us



Our Address

3060 Hurontario Street

Mississauga, ON

L5B 1N7

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